MQF  Level 3 Qualification

30 ECTS Credits

Mode of Study - Blending learning

Lecture Video Student interaction Hands on


50 objective multiple choice questions Online or pencil and paper Passmark 70%

Further learning opportuni-


After completing these three sections, the student can progress for an A.A, or B.A Degree with Global University
90-100% A 4 Superior  80-89% B 3 Good 70-79% C 2 Satisfactory 0-69 F 0 Fail Berean school of the Bible (Christian  Ministry) grading Rubric

Learning Outcomes

Cognitive (Mental skills) Domain Describe the purpose of Christian service. Discriminate the four different domains of Christian Service. Demonstrate their abilities to serve their community. Integrate the different service domains in the Christian walk. Design (Create) lessons to teach the value of Christian Service. Justify the statement of “Christians are co-workers with Christ.” Affective (Volition) domain Respond to their calling they received. Discern how to use their gifts and talents. Participate in their Church programs. Display Christlikeness in their community. Manage a responsible lifestyle in difficult stages of life. Feel for those who are troubled and be their comfort. Skills (Psychomotor) Domains Assemble home groups to disciple new believers. Display learned Christian service principles in daily living. Coordinate middle leadership with leaders and followers Practice the art of homiletics Counsel hurting and troubled people Lead in praise and worship Design a personal conative life style exhibiting exemplary citizens.
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Mission and Evangelism
Practical Ministry Skills
Spiritual Development
Biblical Studies